Robust Feature Matching with Alternate Hough and Inverted Hough Transforms
1 National Taiwan University
2 Academia Sinica
In IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (Proceedings of CVPR 2013)
We present an algorithm that carries out alternate Hough transform and inverted Hough transform to establish feature correspondences, and enhances the quality of matching in both precision and recall. Inspired by the fact that nearby features on the same object share coherent homographies in matching, we cast the task of feature matching as a density estimation problem in the Hough space spanned by the hypotheses of homographies. Specifically, we project all the correspondences into the Hough space, and determine the correctness of the correspondences by their respective densities. In this way, mutual verification of relevant correspondences is activated, and the precision of matching is boosted. On the other hand, we infer the concerted homographies propagated from the locally grouped features, and enrich the correspondence candidates for each feature. The recall is hence increased. The two processes are tightly coupled. Through iterative optimization, plausible enrichments are gradually revealed while more correct correspondences are detected. Promising experimental results on three benchmark datasets manifest the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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