Rephotography Using Image Collections
Kun-Ting Lee
National Taiwan University
In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2011)
This paper presents a rephotography technique that reproduces a photograph at the same viewpoint of a reference historical photograph. (a) The reference historical photograph. (b) A number of existing photographs which do not exactly match the viewpoint of the reference photograph. (c) Our rephotography result.
This paper proposes a novel system that "rephotographs" a historical photograph with a collection of images. Rather than finding the accurate viewpoint of the historical photo, users only need to take a number of photographs around the target scene. We adopt the structure from motion technique to estimate the spatial relationship among these photographs, and construct a set of 3D point cloud. Based on the user-specified correspondences between the projected 3D point cloud and historical photograph, the camera parameters of the historical photograph are estimated. We then combine forward and backward warping images to render the result. Finally, inpainting and content-preserving warping are used to refine it, and the photograph at the same viewpoint of the historical one is produced by this photo collection.
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