Dynamic Media Assemblage
Chun-Yu Tsai 2
1 National Taiwan University
2 Columbia University
3 Skywatch Innovation Inc.
In IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology(TCSVT), Vol. 23, No. 12, December 2013
Video collection preview Single video summarization Image collection presentation
This paper presents dynamic media assemblage, a new presentation and summarization method for images and videos on a 2D canvas. Instead of using the keyframes of the videos to generate a still image summarization, our method allows the videos to play simultaneously on the canvas while utilizing the limited space efficiently. This technique uses an efficient iterative packing algorithm, and as a result is well-suited for interactive manipulations of media files within the assemblages in real-time, such as insertion, deletion, and rearrangement. Our method starts by detecting shot boundaries and dividing longer input videos into individual shots. Within each shot, its temporalspatial salient regions are extracted and used to recover camera motions. These saliency information further defines important regions within individual videos or images, which allows us to preserve visually important regions while packing the media files more efficiently into media assemblages. Our algorithm is iterative and can therefore quickly adjust to new canvas sizes or other user intentions. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our techniques by applying our methods to several applications, including media collection presentation, single video dynamic summary, personal media file browser, and interactive video wall.
technical paper

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