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Now I Am

MS student of Professor Ming Ouhyoung
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Group (G group)
Communication and Multimedia Laboratory (CMLab)
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE)
National Taiwan University (NTU)


The Ways to Contact Me

[E-mail] lionkid [at] cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw

Ming-Kai Hsieh
Room 505, Department of CSIE, NTU,
Num. 1 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.

[Laboratory] 886-2-2362-5336 ext 505
[Cell Phone] 886-952-670022
[Home] 886-2-2822-1503



Resume in Chinese
Resume in English



Currently I am working on paper modeling and human motion.
The details of my research will be added soon.



I am deeply impressed by the miracle of music, but I can't play any instrument. However, I can sing. So when I was in high-school, I join the chorus. After I graduated, my high-school classmates and I found a chorus(in 1999), to hold on our passions. There is our website [ muller.org.tw ].
I like to play soccer, too. It's an amazing sport, where team-work is unexpendable. And the most exciting thing in soccer is, the few minutes before a goal. At that moment, you just know something will happen, but you are not sure. So you will be in a very tense state, that's really exciting!!