ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (ACM UIST 2015)
CyclopsRing: Enabling Whole-Hand and Context-Aware Interactions Through a Fisheye Ring
Liwei Chan1, 2 Yi-Ling Chen1, 3 Chi-Hao Hsieh1 Rong-Hao Liang1, 3 Bing-Yu Chen1, 3
1National Taiwan University
2Keio University
3Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center
CyclopsRing is a ring-style fisheye imaging wearable device worn on hand webbings. Benefiting from the egocentric and extremely wide field-of-view, CyclopsRing can enable many whole-hand and context-aware interactions.
This paper presents CyclopsRing, a ring-style fisheye imaging wearable device that can be worn on hand webbings to en- able whole-hand and context-aware interactions. Observing from a central position of the hand through a fisheye perspective, CyclopsRing sees not only the operating hand, but also the environmental contexts that involve with the hand-based interactions. Since CyclopsRing is a finger-worn device, it also allows users to fully preserve skin feedback of the hands. This paper demonstrates a proof-of-concept device, reports the performance in hand-gesture recognition using random decision forest (RDF) method, and, upon the gesture recognizer, presents a set of interaction techniques including on-finger pinch-and-slide input, in-air pinch-and-motion input, palm-writing input, and their interactions with the environ- mental contexts. The experiment obtained an 84.75% recognition rate of hand gesture input from a database of seven hand gestures collected from 15 participants. To our knowledge, CyclopsRing is the first ring-wearable device that supports whole-hand and context-aware interactions.
ACM Digital Library
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