Geometric Modeling
Instructor Robin Bing-Yu Chen
Meeting Time 7/3, 10, 12, 19 13:00-16:30
Classroom 複雑理工学講義室


7/3 Introduction [PDF]
with Computer Graphics review:

Color Model
Hidden Surface Removal
Space Partitioning

Bounding Volumes
Illumination and Shading
Texture Mapping

7/10 3D Object Representations [PDF]
Definitions and Data Structures of Meshes [PDF]
7/12 Subdivision Surfaces [PDF]
Parametric Curves and Surfaces [PDF]
7/19 Mesh Simplification [PDF]
(Consistent) Surface Parameterization [PDF]

Program Assignment

Build a program for showing 3D models! First, setup your programming environment to compile, debug, and run the skeleton code, which is based on OpenGL, FLTK, and CGAL. In order to use CGAL, boost is also needed. The skeleton code can be used to load a 3D model with OBJ format but only show a simple cube in wire-frame or flat shading mode alternatively. The viewing angle can be manipulated by dragging the mouse. Please help to complete it and make sure you can use this program to show all models in this archive. For your reference, the skeleton code was built with GLUT 3.7, FLTK 1.1.10, CGAL 4.0.1, and boost 1.47 under Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on Microsoft Windows 7.

BONUS 1 - Subdivision Surface! Based on the skeleton code to implement Loop subdivision method. Your program should process all (closed manifold genus-0) models in this archive. You can add any extra feature to your program or implement other subdivision schemes, such as modified butterfly, or sqrt(3). Please refer to the online sample program.

BONUS 2 - Mesh Simplification! Based on the skeleton code to write a program to simplify closed manifold 3D meshes. This program should use the edge collapse operation and use (vertex based) distance to least-squares plane as the simplification metrics. You can add any extra feature to your program or implement other simplification schemes, such as vertex removal operation, (vertex based) Gaussian curvature metrics, or global error calculation. Please refer to the sample program.

[deadline = 7/23 (early bird: 7/19; late breaking: 7/27)]

Grade Measurement

Program assignment (and bonuses)


Computer Graphics
Linear Algebra
Data Structures

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